Isn’t it strange that some people die right at 25 but are buried at 75 ? Your words may convince others of all your lies and stories about how happening is your life but your eyes will never fail to depict the sadness and the pain and all those disappointments lying beneath your innocent heart . Are we so feeble that we do not possess even the courage to share our agony or a piece of mind with someone ? Is it so tough to express our thoughts without having to suppress them ? Is asking for help or even a piece of advice so difficult that as a choice ,we opt to die everyday inside ?

                              Probably the reason for this is we ourselves . In the urge to be understood someday ,we have failed to be understanding . Everyone desires to have the best things, best events to occur and best people to come in their life but as a matter of fact rather than opinion I would say no one has ever thought of striving hard to earn the best things , bringing about the best events in someone ‘s life and taking those efforts to be the best person in someone ‘s life. One thing to be clearly understood is you don’t have a mirror placed right before your heart and mind such that someone will be able to understand each and every thing running in your mind and heart. You got to speak . You have to express yourself. You got to take efforts ,risks to get the best in your life . If you wait for the right moment , right opportunities then you shall be always waiting itself . Grab the moment , live it , make memories no matter good or bad , start your day with a good thought , end your day with a positive thought , pray and be thankful for whatever you have and live every minute of your life .

                                   Afterall , zindagi lambi nai ,badi honi chahiye.