You are destined to meet hundreds of people. You talk,laugh and have jovial moments with so many of them . And then , there are few who grab the attention of your soul. You talk , you laugh and have jovial moments with them too just like the rest of the people in your life. But this time , the there is something different . The feel is something soothing and divine , giving relaxation to your soul. Everything you do for them is from the bottom of your heart , everything they say or do is felt by your heart .

Human relations never fail to amuse me.

Especially three particular things about human relations always catch my attention .

The time frame in which how two souls sync totally puts me in a state of serious  dilemma .It’s absolutely astonishing how a person whom you met just a few days ago can make you feel so special , so connected . I almost get bewildered by the fact that there are people who know you since years but still fail to “know “you actually . And then , there is a random friend with whom your thoughts , your heart syncs within no time frame and things could be understood between you within words being spoken .Souls crave for such bonding , such love and such understanding.

The second thing about human relations  that takes me in a ponderous stream of thoughts is how a random person can shake the rigidity of your nature piled up over years , how within no time span a person can enter into your personal space where you don’t let anyone in under any circumstances and how a person can make someone all of a sudden emotional when that person has been numb and non emotional over so many years , how that trust level builds up where you can discuss anything and everything , cry your heart out , crib over absolutely random things in your life and still be certain that they aren’t going to leave you no matter what.I really don’t know how these things happen but I certainly do know that these are the most wonderful things of life  and only the blessed and extremely fortunate ones get to experience such genuine relations.
The third thing about human relations  that bewilders me most of the times is how ironical it is that you never get the person whom you want and you never care about the person who wants you . And in case, things sync up , somebody ends up giving up. So it’s very well said that some people are meant to stay in your heart forever but not in your life. Totally mesmerizing ! I think this is how karma works , you don’t care about someone and some another  doesn’t care about  you .
I did talk about the circle of life . The first corner of the circle , strange right ?  I am talking about a circle having a corner . But yes , the circle of life must reserve a small corner for the 1st kind of human relations where people come randomly , but still imbibe a deep print of theirs in your heart.

The second and the most beautiful corner in the circle of life is this divine thing called friendship . Best friends are the nourishment that your soul needs . Very very few are fortunate I would say to have this “genuine ‘” corner in the circle of their life .

The third belonged to the love aspect of life . I believe love happens over time and at the juncture where we belong , probably on the edge of turning twenty or in their twenties , we end up falling for attraction and lust and fail to categorize relations or friendship with the opposite sex that actually have some understanding level and maturity level as well the fun aspect must be given higher priority for taking them to the next level . But the point still remains , love happens over time and is built up by small acts which often go unnoticed individually , but yes , collectively have a huge huge impact .I assume very few are fortunate enough to get what they want in this particular corner of life too.

Every corner has its own significance and I feel everyone needs it at some or the other point of life ,maybe in different proportions though .
Life is beautiful . Cheers !
Zindagi gulzar hai !